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High-bandwidth data recording for ADAS and AD
National Instruments (NI)

Recording sensor data on the road remains crucial to the autonomous driving sector, as this is one of the key data sources for the data- and software-connected ADAS and AD validation workflow. Validation engineers rely on the huge, rich data volume from the field, as the complexity of training and testing AD algorithms demand an increased amount of data before products can be released to market with confidence.

Cost of data and time to data have become differentiating factors, along with the technical features of tightly synchronized, lossless, high-bandwidth raw data recording embedded in a flexible solution that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow.

NI and its strategic partners, Seagate Technology and Konrad Technologies, have collaborated to deliver and evolve a best-in-class system to record sensor data, leveraging the expertise, technology and services that only an ecosystem of subject-matter experts can provide. Through this approach, NI can improve product performance, accelerate development and increase quality to bring better and safer vehicles to the market.

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