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Open-innovation autonomous vehicle and testing platform

OPINA is building one of Europe’s leading open-innovation autonomous vehicle (AV) design and development platforms together with important cluster services to support SMEs, startups, R&D organizations, OEMs, academics and researchers.

Empowering developers with seamless development and testing capabilities is at the heart of OPINA. The OPINA Platform is being designed so that developers can build their products with the support of software in the company’s open platform, which will bring significant cost and time savings for all platform users.

OPINA Cluster services cover business development, networking, communication, collaboration, the establishment of project consortiums for various project calls, mentoring and entrepreneurship consultancy. OPINA Platform services include training for ADAS and mobility development; software and hardware development and testing, such as MIL/SIL/DIL/HIL simulation and testing functions; and field testing on a regulated test track with autonomous test vehicles. OPINA also plans to be an accredited center.

OPINA is a project jointly funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. It is implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Technology under the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program and managed by Istanbul Okan University. Partners of the project are MARKA (East Marmara Development Agency), TAYSAD (Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey), TESİD (Turkish Electronics Industrialists’ Association) and YASAD (Software Industrialists Association).

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