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High-performance radars for increased safety of autonomous vehicles

The many safety-improving features of Smartmicro’s radars premiering in 2022 include detecting potential collisions, triggering warning signals to the vehicle’s driver and supporting automated parking. The new sensors are designed to increase the safety of partly or fully autonomous vehicles, such as industrial robots, autonomous shuttles and heavy construction vehicles.

Installed on a driving platform, the DRVEGRD 169 corner radar spans a fine grid for detecting and separating objects in its field of view. It enables four-dimensional measurement with true angular separation in azimuth. The field of view of a single sensor covers more than 140° horizontally and 28° in elevation. Furthermore, the sensor is ready for plug-and-play sensor data fusion for 360° coverage around a vehicle.

Visitors to the expo will also be given exclusive insights into the most recent addition to the DRVEGRD family: DRVEGRD 171. The front/rear radar provides high resolution for collision avoidance in short range (40m) to very long range (240m). Targeting ASIL-B applications, the sensor enables integration into scalable and reliable systems and meets the challenges of the ADAS market. DRVEGRD 171 has an impressive azimuth resolution of 2° with a cycle time of 32ms. The sensor uses its antenna setup in MIMO mode, achieving higher resolution than previous models. Smartmicro will release a variant with a smaller form factor at a lower price: the DRVEGRD 152.

The DRVEGRD line was designed and developed according to ISO 26262 as SEooCs. They will include pixel-high definition (PxHD) technology and 4D object tracking, including VRU tracking. As a result of their almost unbreakable design and high performance, which is unaffected by harsh weather conditions, Smartmicro sensors are an excellent choice for any application.

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