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DAY 1: Highly immersive, compact aVDS-S from AB Dynamics accelerates ADAS development
AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics presented its compact aVDS static driving simulator (aVDS-S) on Day 1 of the show. It features an active brake pedal and steering force feedback system for enhanced immersion, meaning it can be used for more advanced applications than traditional static simulators, such as regenerative braking control strategies and power steering calibration.

It is different from other driver-in-the-loop simulators as it includes in-house developed and manufactured haptic feedback devices, designed to minimize magnetic cogging torque rather than using off-the-shelf solutions. More compact than a dynamic alternative, the aVDS-S can be installed in a typical office environment without requiring a purpose-built room.

Engineers can significantly accelerate ADAS technologies by front-loading the development process and adding a driver-in-the-loop early on, advancing the design before real-world tests are conducted. This reduces the number of prototypes required and time spent in the development phase, making it more cost-effective.
Virtual environments from leading software supplier rFpro have not only enhanced driver immersion but also the development of ADAS and AV technologies through physically modeled, accurate visuals.

Euro NCAP, government test authorities and OEMs are moving toward virtual validation through compact, cost-effective driver-in-the-loop simulators, as vehicles and the regulatory tests required for type approval are becoming increasingly complex and the number of vehicles requiring type approval is rising.

“Through the aVDS-S, organizations that do not yet have the absolute requirement, or associated budget, for a highly advanced dynamic driving simulator, such as our aVDS, can still realize many of the benefits of meaningful human involvement early in the vehicle development process,” explained Dr Adrian Simms, AB Dynamics’ business director of laboratory test systems.

At the adjoining Automotive Testing Expo, the company is also presenting its realistic and durable ADAS targets. Developed by DRI, part of the AB Dynamics Group, the DRI Soft Motorcycle 360 features speed-matched rotating wheels, meaning the dummy is reliably recognized as a motorcycle by cameras, radar and lidar.

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