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High-speed in-vehicle data recording

The introduction of higher levels of autonomy in modern vehicles by means of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and fully autonomous cars in the longer term, comes with the requirement for extensive testing. Accurately capturing and reproducing relevant scenarios and identifying edge cases requires an enormous amount of real-life, unimpaired data.

To help overcome these challenges, Siemens will display its Simcenter Scaptor (sensor capture), which provides high-speed in-vehicle recording with a scalable and flexible hardware platform to bit-accurately capture, synchronize and store vast amounts of raw data under rugged test conditions with the perfect balance of cost, size, data rates and storage capacity.

With Simcenter Scaptor, the data can be structured using advanced automatic annotation to boost efficiency and productivity. The output obtained from each scene is a structured dynamic and static environment, including all types of road users and the scenarios they create. This gives the ability to find incorrect tags and data gaps to fill, and to retrieve the appropriate scenarios for tests at any time. It directly improves productivity because less time is spent searching for the right data and more time is spent using it to support algorithm development.

With increasingly restrictive privacy regulations being introduced worldwide, the usability of the data across countries and throughout the development is enhanced by applying anonymization. In addition to simply blurring license plates and faces, Simcenter Scaptor can apply advanced anonymization techniques that ensure license plates remain readable and facial expressions are retained through subtle adjustments to faces, which means the anonymized data can still be used to train advanced AI algorithms.

Once the data is recorded and properly structured, its needs to be used to evaluate and validate the autonomous systems against key performances such as safety. Within the Simcenter Scaptor software environment, pre-defined metrics based on industry standards, together with customizable analytics, can be used to process the data and extract the relevant information to be used during the systems’ validation.

Simcenter Scaptor provides a foundation for the closed-loop process that automotive manufacturers are striving to embrace to accelerate the development of autonomous systems, by allowing them to efficiently collect, share and reuse the data throughout the whole process.
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