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DAY 2: AVL showcases its ADAS/AD portfolio, validation toolchain and proving ground

AVL is exhibiting its complete ADAS/AD portfolio, from ADAS/AD engineering services to ground truth data generation, data management and analytics, scenario-based test preparation and virtual testing solutions with its steering force emulator. The company’s verification and validation toolchain is modular and enables test preparation, execution and evaluation across multiple test environments and strategies, facilitating simulation and virtual homologation.

The company is also presenting its proving ground, which gives customers additional flexibility for ADAS/AD testing. The testing facility combines the conventional dynamic test elements with advanced modules such as the dedicated ADAS surface with local ADAS test services, and the 15ha, forward-looking smart city zone.

AVL is a leading system provider and offers engineering and testing solutions from a single source. Customers benefit from its seamless scenario-based testing framework, including simulation, vehicle-in-the-loop and real-world testing. It provides AI-based methods for scenario extraction and tools for scenario creation and management; comprehensive methods for test case generation and optimizing test coverage, such as ontology and real road statistics; scalable big data solutions with built-in AI-based algorithms to enable data-driven development; and up-to-date regulatory standard scenario content packages for NCAP, EU-GSR and UNECE ALKS.

The company’s strong engagement in regulatory and standardization bodies accelerates the safe deployment of ADAS/AD systems.

“At AVL, we have been working for several years on a broad portfolio covering tools for scenario-based virtual testing of ADAS and AD systems. Major cornerstones in this toolchain are the test planning tools and supporting various testing execution methods, especially vehicle-in-the-loop on testbeds. Last but not least, we are showing our ground-truth measurement system and sensor benchmarking system for open-road testing. In the vehicle-in-the-loop family, we are proud to show our new Steering Force Emulator that allows ADAS vehicles on the testbed to experience steering forces in a simulated environment,” explained Roland Lang, AVL’s program manager for ADAS and AD business development, live at the show.

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