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DAY 1: Make sense of massive amounts of automated driving data with Simcenter Scaptor

Siemens is in Stuttgart to display its Simcenter Scaptor (sensor capture), which provides high-speed in-vehicle recording with a scalable and flexible hardware platform to capture, synchronize and store vast amounts of raw data under rugged test conditions.

“When testing against relevant scenarios, typically a lot of time is lost on finding the appropriate scenarios to test against,” explained Robbert Lohmann, business development director of AV at Siemens.

“Scaptor provides an integrated working toolchain from recording to data annotation and storage. The solution ensures that engineers can focus on actual testing instead of spending time on finding the right data.”

Data can be structured using advanced automatic annotation to boost efficiency and productivity. This gives the ability to find incorrect tags and data gaps to fill, and to retrieve the appropriate scenarios for tests at any time. It directly improves productivity because less time is spent searching for the right data and more time is spent using it to support algorithm development.

“Scaptor incorporates the leading b-plus technologies hardware, allowing it to bit-accurately capture, synchronize and store vast amounts of raw data under rugged test conditions," continued Lohmann. "This is done for multiple data streams coming from radar, lidar, high-resolution cameras and automotive buses and networks. When and where no edge cases are encountered during the recording, the data is still valuable as the basis of Siemens’ mathematical approach to be able to identify unknown, unsafe scenarios.”

Scaptor also applies deep natural anonymization to captured videos and images to ensure they can still be used for the training of machine learning models. This technology retains relevant information such as facial expression or line-of-sight throughout the anonymization process, while ensuring no identity match is possible based on automatic recognition.

"Through Simcenter Scaptor we bring value to data, from recording to annotation, analysis and anonymization – combining the experience and leading solutions of expert parties," added Robin van der Made, director of product management at Siemens, live on Day 1. Van der Made is also presenting on Day 3 at the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development conference track.

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