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350,000km road database
3D Mapping Solutions

High-precision HD reference map data is fundamental for the validation and testing of autonomous vehicles and as the basis for simulation applications.

A leading authority in the production of digital twins of complex real road networks, 3D Mapping Solutions will be in Stuttgart to explain how it has built a 3D mapping road database, which consists of more than 350,000km of roads. The database is owned by the company and free of third-party rights. It allows the user to view all recorded routes, select desired parts of the road network and request data in various output formats such as OpenDRIVE, Road5 for IPG CarMaker, Lanelet2 or OpenCRG. 3D environment models can also be provided.

Over 200 routes have been defined as favorites and are available as high-resolution HD map reference data sets. Readily accessible, these allow customers to start working with data sets from the road data collection, without production waiting time.

3D Mapping Solutions is continuously extending its capacities for data acquisition of road networks worldwide and has established a fleet of additional, newly built mobile mapping vehicles. The company plans to expand its available data by more than 150,000km in 2022.

Visit 3D Mapping’s booth to explore recorded routes and available favorites.

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