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Training simulator for safety drivers
aSR (advanced Simulator Reality)

For safety reasons, legislation only allows for Level 3 and Level 4 vehicle automation under very specific conditions: for example, a safety driver must be able to intervene in critical situations. Drivers of the AD vehicle are required to become familiar with the behavior of the system, however, high-risk events cannot be trained in real traffic.

Visitors to the show in Stuttgart will discover how aSR offers a simulator for autonomous driving that allows prospective safety drivers to train using virtual test scenarios. Its solution can be adapted to numerous vehicles and algorithms, enabling operation with generic ADAS/AD behavior or the use of internal software and hardware from R&D.

To set up the digital twin, the aSR simulation framework utilizes a ready-to-use co-simulation approach, which offers the possibility of coupling models of different domains and various software tools.

The simulator then establishes the interface with the driver, which enables test drives with the involvement of the safety driver.

The unique integration of HMI components, such as steering and pedals, not only allows the tuning of its characteristics during runtime, but also a robust superposition of the force feedback, stimulated by the vehicle dynamics simulation and various vehicle components such as the ADAS/AD controllers.

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