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DAY 2: Full solid-state lidar modules boast next-level sensing
Marelli Automotive Lighting

Marelli Automotive Lighting and XenomatiX have combined their expertise in optics and electronics to create a new line-up of lidar modules for autonomous vehicles, which they are presenting at the expo.

Marelli is a Tier 1 lighting supplier. Its lidar has been designed primarily for the front or four corners of a car, as a standalone system or integrated into a smart corner or smart grille to achieve short-, mid- and long-range distance measurements.

Marelli aims for a stylish aesthetic while offering greater integration to support weight reduction and faster assembly and calibration time for sensors on the assembly line, embedding cleaning and defrosting solutions seamlessly and protecting the sensors from shocks and impacts.

According to the company, modules offer better integration because they take up less space than larger, non-full-solid-state lidar, such as MEMS or mechanical-based sensors. Full solid-state technology also offers greater safety and total immunity to shock, a more robust design with no mechanical failures, more relaxed assembly requirements and no blur or ghost effect (global shutter approach).

Using a CMOS-based receiver, Marelli can also capture a video flow along with the rich point cloud output of the lidar. There is no point of view difference in its ground truth data acquisition. It can also achieve faster calibration and self-recalibration.

Furthermore, using the same base technologies is key to improving performances over time and reducing development costs. Both VCSEL and CMOS will continue to become more efficient, allowing for new generations of more effective lidar modules.

Marelli is showing expo visitors how the lidar’s exterior design reveals the company’s experience in daily outer lens production, including stone impact protection and handling mechanical assembly for large production volumes. Meanwhile, its interior displays the company’s skills in optics, thermal management, automotive-grade electronics and software.

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