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Digital law pipeline for machine-executable legislation and autonomous compliance

Verses is powering the spatial web. Nalantis is a next-generation language technology company. Together, they are building a ‘digital law pipeline’ for machine-executable legislation and autonomous compliance.

Both companies are applying natural-language-understanding AI to automatically deconstruct human-written legislation into meaningful semantic code and integrate it within an open geospatial digital infrastructure based on spatial web standards.

Currently, a vast amount of manpower and labeled training data for machine learning purposes are still needed to code the legislation.

Verses and Nalantis have developed a methodology that creates plug-and-play machine-readable and executable algorithms that can be applied to the autonomous space.

Capm Petersen, chief innovation officer at Verses, and Stephen Lernout, head of strategy and innovation at Nalantis, will be talking about their work during the expo.
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