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Simulation software for dynamic headlight development

rFpro offers the industry’s most advanced and immersive simulation solution for dynamic headlight development. Premium lighting systems supplier ZKW is now using rFpro’s simulation software to develop all its headlight products.

The Tier 1 supplier aims to reduce real-world testing of developmental headlights on public roads by more than 50%. This new approach could save millions of euros in testing and development costs, as hardware design and control software are advanced before a prototype vehicle exists.

Matthäus Artmann, manager of electronics engineering pre- and module development at ZKW, says, “Although headlights are becoming more complex, OEMs are requiring a reduction in lead times. rFpro is enabling us to achieve this. Through the use of rFpro, we are aiming to reduce the requirement for real-world test driving by more than 50%.”

Dynamic, real-time headlight simulation reduces the requirement for testing on public roads, which is costly, conducted at unsociable hours and a risk to engineers and other road users. A simulation-led approach enables engineers to swiftly assess numerous lighting profiles and optimize the shape, orientation and intensity of light.

Visit rFpro’s booth at 13:30 throughout the expo to hear a short briefing about the company’s headlight modeling capabilities.

Booth: 6102

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