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DAY 2: MicroVision unveils new lidar product line to enable high-speed highway safety features

MicroVision is in Stuttgart to introduce its new generation of sensors, developed with an OEM-friendly design to enable high-speed highway safety features. The MAVIN DR is a dynamic-view lidar system that will enable new ADAS safety features, meeting the need to see further with greater clarity and respond more quickly to emerging situations.

MAVIN DR is the fourth lidar hardware variant from MicroVision, a leader in MEMS-based solid-state automotive lidar and ADAS solutions. It is the first sensor to offer a dynamic range, combining short-, medium- and long-range sensing and fields of view into one form factor. The new lidar produces an ultra-high-resolution point cloud showing driveable and non-driveable areas of the road ahead. According to the company, the low-latency point cloud (30Hz) means the MAVIN product line allows ADAS systems to respond more quickly and take action at high speeds.

"Our goal is always to provide OEMs with technology that presents the most complete and detailed picture of the road ahead. With our short-, medium- and long-range lidar sensors combined into one hardware unit, we can provide the most comprehensive and dynamic view of the road ahead at highway speeds," explained Sumit Sharma, the CEO of MicroVision. "We are proud to unveil a sensor that we believe meets or exceeds OEM expectations."

In addition to the dynamic view system, the MAVIN DR has a new hardware form factor that complements OEM designs. The newly refined form factor enables even more flexible deployment options. The hardware is built with materials known to OEM supply chains, which MicroVision says are scalable and easy to source and support a lower cost structure.

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