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All-in-one data service platform to scale up AI

Infiniq, a leading AI data service provider in Korea, will showcase its most up-to-date data processing technology and solution for autonomous driving at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, and tell visitors about its all-in-one data service platform: Infiniq Data Studio.

Scalability is critical to take autonomous driving to the next level. Increasingly large volumes of data are needed from different locations with various types of edge cases to improve the AI. Infiniq provides an all-in-one data service platform that makes it possible to process mass data from anywhere in the world, without breaking the bank.

Petabytes of data are collected and processed to train artificial intelligence for autonomous driving; however, the cost of managing and processing this collected data from multiple projects is enormous. To solve this problem, Infiniq has implemented the DataOps framework in its data processing pipeline to allow recycling and reuse of data, making it possible to organize and manage multiple projects from one single platform.

Blending the data captured with multi-sensors such as lidar, camera and radar is essential, as it improves the perception of an autonomous vehicle. Infiniq calibrates multi-sensors and uses a ‘sensor fusion’ data processing technique to synchronize, map and annotate 2D/3D data.
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