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AI deep learning technology supercharges MLOps

Large volumes of high-quality training data are critical to the success of autonomous driving projects. Ensuring this constant flow of data into the MLOps workflow can become resource-intensive, compromising the efficiency of customer engineering and distracting data scientists from the critical MLOps stage of the development process.

At the expo, AI data specialist Aimmo will launch its patented deep learning AI ‘smart labeling’ and inspection technology to the European market.

Aimmo’s fast, accurate data labeling capability utilizes the company’s AI deep learning technology, resulting in an up to 90% reduction in manual labeling effort, significantly reducing time and cost while simultaneously enhancing accuracy. Labeling can now be completed in minutes rather than requiring substantial manual hours as before.

While the company’s deep learning AI provides high levels of speed and efficiency, a 99.9% level of accuracy is achieved by human-in-the-loop oversight.

Speed is often an important factor for data operations, to enable development to reach viability and deployment quickly. Aimmo increased its data operations to make some of Asia’s largest automotive manufacturers more efficient. For one project, the company was provided with millions of data points that would have taken six months to complete through manual structuring, but when automated took less than a month.

Aimmo is now moving toward an end-to-end service that spans the entire data ops process, including data collection and curation as well as labeling and augmentation. This data-as-a-service will also be cost-effective, allowing developers to license standardized data sets.

Established in Asia, with clients including Samsung and Hyundai, Aimmo has an intense focus on R&D with over 50% of the team dedicated to these activities. Its global network of 3,000 expert annotators and more than 40,000 generalist annotators supplies more than 50 Asian corporations.

Representatives will be on hand at the expo to discuss how Aimmo can unblock data pipelines and speed up ML operations.

Booth: AV6338

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