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DAY 1: Deep learning AI inspection to speed up data curation and labeling

AIMMO is in Stuttgart to launch its Smart Labeling technology to the European market, claiming it can significantly reduce the time between data acquisition and availability of high-quality training data, enabling new scenarios, locations and edge cases to be trained faster.

The use of deep learning algorithms to support the labeling process reduces the time required to provide results back to the OEM. Areas where challenges are found during testing and validation can be overcome quickly, progressing the program at pace.

Repetitive work is lessened, and if deep learning is applied from the data collection stage, the entire autonomous driving data process can be shortened. David Marks, head of sales (Europe) at AIMMO, has revealed live at the expo that the company’s self-driving data collection vehicle is being developed in this direction.

He pointed out that many companies are focusing on labeling automation, which is important, but mainly because up-front decisions on which data to use as training data can have a huge impact on budgets and schedules.

“AIMMO’s deep learning based AI inspection can speed up the data curation process by up to 50% and data labeling up to 80% faster,” emphasized Marks. “Repetitive and easy class processing is already yielding excellent results; the results for more complex class processing are increasing continually as the deep learning model evolves.”

He continued, “Any human-only-based approach carries the risk of error. To process the vast amounts of data required for autonomous driving, the workload is shared across multiple annotators; results are then quality checked by multiple inspectors. AI doesn’t suffer from these challenges, so Smart Labeling is more consistent. The human-in-the-loop finalizes the labeling process and, following inspection, the new ground truth can be used to further train the AI, increasing its reliability and accuracy.”

Doyle Chung, head of global strategy, agreed: “Too many smart people who should be coding algorithms are spending untold time generating training data to test and validate their work. AIMMO takes this pain away and provides a fast, data-rich and highly accurate source of structured data so AI solutions can take root.”

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