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Open-architecture, ruggedized platform for AV development

At this year’s expo, Klas will showcase its Ruggedized Autonomous Vehicle Network (RAVEN): an open-architecture platform for the development and assessment of autonomous driving stacks.

RAVEN lightens the load for AV development by providing all the necessary computing, datalogging and storage, networking and connectivity in a compact, ruggedized form factor designed for life on the road. Multiple development environments can be implemented in a single test vehicle, significantly reducing the cost and effort of delivering on the promise of fully autonomous driving.

The open-architecture approach allows multiple developers to build and assess applications that serve the needs of perception, decision, planning and control in autonomous driving. Klas representatives will demonstrate how easy it is to capture and store data from cameras, lidar and radar sensors with RAVEN’s multiple integrated network and bus types. Its low-latency networking capabilities will be showcased for real-time decision-making applications.

The platform provides the flexibility to run multiple use cases and configurations, from HIL to SIL tests. Furthermore, the platform supports onboard wi-fi and mobile connectivity, simplifying in-garage updates, live performance monitoring and secure data transfers of preprocessed data for validation in the cloud, even when the test vehicle is out on the road.

In addition to RAVEN, Klas will showcase its virtualization, automation and management software suite that simplifies laboratory integration of agile software development environments with real-world drive scenarios.

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