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AVL List GmbH

Visitors looking for the latest engineering services, simulation competence, testing tools and methods to aid the evolution of automated driving (AD) should head for AVL’s booth in Stuttgart. As a trusted partner for OEMs and leading suppliers, the company has established broad skills in the fields of ADAS and AD and provided solutions to some of the biggest challenges its customers are facing. AVL’s offering ranges from system design to calibration and validation services – from the definition of use cases, test cases, hazard and risk analysis, and worst-case scenario analysis, to functional safety, SOTIF, sensor specifications and KPI target setting.

Through its expertise in software and controls development, and sophisticated tools and methods for scenario-based testing, AVL supports target verification and real-world validation of ADAS features. The company’s verification and validation toolchain guides users through test preparation with scenario design/management and test case generation, allowing execution in different test environments – from pure simulation (SIL, MiL) and virtual testing (HIL, VIL) to the proving ground and real-world testing. AVL’s open and integrated approach facilitates the smooth integration of testing tools and methods into the customer’s development processes. With its constantly evolving partner ecosystem, AVL follows its pioneering spirit to accelerate the development of robust testing solutions in step with rapidly increasing demands.

Stop by AVL’s booth to see the company’s latest developments and connect with AVL’s experts on-site.

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