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Full solid-state lidar modules: next-level sensing
Marelli Automotive Lighting

Marelli is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, characterized by an innovative spirit, international expertise and worldwide presence. XenomatiX and Marelli Automotive Lighting have collaborated to create a new line-up of lidar modules; their strong backgrounds in optics and electronics have enabled them to release this technology into the automotive market.

The jointly developed full solid-state lidar modules, using mature VCSEL and CMOS technologies, form the foundation of a reliable and affordable sensor offering. This novel lidar technology has no moving parts, making it immune to automotive shocks and vibrations. There is no mechanical scanning involved and the sensor covers full field of view, resolution, range and frame rate at the same time.

Marelli Automotive Lighting and XenomatiX have combined their different module types in standalone lidar units or embedded them into lamps (Smart Corner) and other car areas to achieve short-, mid- and long-range distance measurements. The modules’ diverse fields of view and resolutions match customers’ use case requirements. While using tracking and classification software developed in-house, both companies combine neural networks and rule-based algorithms. They follow Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262 ASIL B and SOTIF customer requirements during each project phase, enabling them to support autonomous cars and ADAS functionalities.

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