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True solid-state multi-beam lidar

In 2021, XenomatiX launched XenoLidar-X, a true-solid-state lidar designed for high-resolution, accurate analysis of the vehicle’s surroundings. The sensor is lightweight and small, ideal for seamless integration in a vehicle, drone or robot. It uses an innovative concept of performant global shutter, otherwise known as the ‘multi-beam’ process. Its true-solid-state design, mature components (VCSEL and CMOS) and working principle make it suitable for harsh environments and rough weather conditions, with a robustness that guarantees a high MTBF.

XenoLidar-X features a small design with high-resolution point clouds. The company offers and promotes total solutions together with its partners to integrate, clean and use the sensor in applications. Integration has been an important element of XenomatiX partnerships with Tier 1 automotive suppliers (for example, AGC, Marelli and Kautex) to create a complete, customizable, modular and flexible lidar solution. These partnerships deliver lidars that integrate into the windshield, rear window, grille, headlight, taillight and bumper of the vehicle. The new 4D-AI NN training gives eye-opening results in an efficient way.

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