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AI certification, vehicle cybersecurity homologation and certification services
CertX AG

Artificial intelligence has already become an everyday technology: voice recognition, autonomously flying drones and even self-driving cars. With its widespread application come increasing concerns about fairness, robustness, transparency, autonomy and control, data security and IT security. The EU has consequently proposed the Artificial Intelligence Act, with which future critical applications will have to demonstrate compliance.

CertX, together with its AI partners Munich Re and Fraunhofer/IAIS, is combining state-of-the-art research and technology with deep knowledge of certification and risk assessment to offer the first certification program, Cert.AI. The certification will cover everything that an AI solution needs to comply with and provide trust with systematic justification.

Due to the mandatory application of UN ECE 155 and 156, CertX has partnered with Fakt GmbH to provide comprehensive test services for vehicle homologation, including CSMS audit and security evaluation for VTA. Fakt is one of the few test services that can provide all the tests required for complete vehicle homologation. CertX will support Fakt with UN ECE 155, 156 and later 157 expertise for OEMs while providing ISO/SAE 21434 and ISO/SAE 26262 certifications for equipment and suppliers. It can also provide support for ISO 24089 (software update engineering) and ISO/PAS 21448 (safety of the intended function or SOTIF).

CertX will open a new office at Memmingen airport in Germany, near the Fakt headquarters and testing grounds, and close to the automotive hubs in Munich and Stuttgart.

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