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Absolute positioning for AVs

Trimble will demonstrate its absolute positioning solutions that complement relative sensors within an ADAS or autonomous vehicle system. Its products range from software libraries and correction services to truthing systems for research, development and mapping – capable of locating a vehicle in a lane on highways worldwide.

Precise, absolute positioning has proved to be a key element in the technology stack for autonomous vehicles and a requirement for safety-certified systems.

Trimble has over 20 years of experience operating a global precise point positioning (PPP) network, Trimble RTX, which makes highly accurate corrections accessible from almost anywhere. It is a fundamental element of an ever-expanding portfolio that will help enable greater levels of vehicle autonomy for years to come.
The RTX system is road ready and road tested. It has already successfully enabled over 16 million kilometers of incident-free autonomous driving for multiple OEMs. Meanwhile, other OEMs and Tier 1s currently leverage Trimble development and truthing kits to help them design their autonomous systems for the future.

Trimble delivers precise positioning accuracy of less than 10cm with sub-minute convergence times. It operates a dedicated integrity monitoring network that ensures positioning confidence. Two separate data checks – pre- and post-broadcast – detect and filter out faulty corrections, verifying reliable, lane-level positioning.

Protection levels ensure compliance with the most rigorous safety certification standard (ASIL D ISO 26262). Trimble has developed a patent-pending methodology for maintaining strict protection levels while increasing the availability of absolute measurements.

For driving environments where line of sight to the sky may be compromised, Trimble systems using inertial measurement units (IMU) and odometry to allow the positioning system to move through GNSS outages until the signal can be re-established. This is ideal for tunnels, underpasses and other challenging road environments.

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