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DAY 1: 3D millimeter-wave radar simulator for autonomous driving

OTSL is in Stuttgart to unveil its new 3D real-time millimeter-wave radar simulator for autonomous driving, the AMMWR2 (Advanced Millimeter Wave Radar Simulator 2).

Since introducing AMMWR to the market in 2017 as the world's first sensor simulator software for autonomous driving that enables dynamic real-time simulation, OTSL has continued to invest in its development. With the announcement of AMMWR2, the company has manifested the leaps in functionality and performance achieved in this development.

OTSL plans to market the AMMWR2 worldwide by the end of 2022 to automotive manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers developing sensor devices, and system supply manufacturers developing, designing and producing vehicle sensors.

"With the global advance in application of autonomous driving, expectations are growing for advanced simulation technology capable of creating a virtual reproduction of all kinds of driving conditions, and verifying and validating safety and accuracy," explained Shoji Hatano, CEO, OTSL and OTSL Germany. "However, the current autonomous driving vehicle has only Level 2 or Level 3 functions under the SAE International standards."

Hatano continued, "To achieve fully autonomous driving via system monitoring, Level 5 of the standards, it is essential to include simulation of potential accidents caused by electronic device defect and sensor failures. AMMWR2, announced on June 17, is the only millimeter-wave radar sensor simulator that covers from the electronic device level, including semiconductors and sensors, to the autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) simulation domain."

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