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DAY 2: Simplified ADAS testing with model-based, virtual development

Elektrobit is in Stuttgart to share how it can help simplify the development process in ADAS testing with model-based and virtualized development. It aims to help companies develop profitable embedded software programs that will validate test drive scenes and avoid expensive simulation.

The company claims its solutions are unique, as they reduce bottlenecks in the testing and validation process because bugs in coding can be detected and fixed early in the ECU.

Elektrobit is also using the expo as a platform to share more about its EB Assist ADTF partner program, an active collaboration of companies specialized in sensors, virtual test drives, automotive bus interfaces, datalogging and more. Customers can benefit from developed interfaces and filters of software and sensors and are much more interlinked with EB Assist ADTF.

Elektrobit welcomes companies who want to contribute to the development of ADAS and automated driving systems through EB Assist ADTF.

Booth: 6636

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