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Testing and validation of ADAS/AD systems in simulation
Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH

At this year’s expo, Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH will showcase its ‘Replica of the World’ (Replicar) simulation platform for near-to-real-life MiL, SIL, HIL and VIL testing. Its complete solution portfolio is based on Replicar and consists of tools and services for smart and efficient testing and validation of ADAS/AD systems in simulation.

AAI works with real-world data and machine learning methods to generate thousands of realistic scenes and scenarios.

Those responsible for function development can test their driving algorithms and ECUs in a unique, realistic traffic simulation with individual and situational acting traffic agents around the ego vehicle on real roads all over the world, from their office, with only a few initial settings.

Engineers working on sensors, sensor fusion and perception can test their algorithms and ECUs in scenes and digital twins built up from AAI’s large library of 3D objects, including material information, weather and daytime effects.

Simulation platform technicians can use AAI’s modular and highly integrable tools and services, as well as their own data, to build and complete their test environment, based on ASAM OpenX standards. Generated scenes and scenarios from the digital, synthetic and real worlds can be processed further to increase and optimize the test case coverage.

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