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Khanlian Chung

Khanlian is a senior software development engineer at Vector. He is responsible for integrating AI features in Vector software testing tools. The focus of his work is how AI-based software can be tested and secured. Khanlian graduated in physics at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. As a PhD student and postdoc at Heidelberg University, he investigated how AI can improve diagnostic and interventional imaging for cancer patients.


Challenges of AI Software Testing: Understanding and Finding Its Limitations

One of the most important issues regarding the integration of AI-based software in security-critical environments is how to test them. One cornerstone of AI testing could be explainable AI (xAI). It helps software developers understand the decision-making process of AI algorithms, which is fundamental for trustworthy AI. Another important aspect is to find the limitations of the security-critical software. Utilizing AI methods can complement conventional approaches and yield a more comprehensive risk assessment. In this talk, we show how we implemented xAI and AI testing methods in specific use cases.