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Jochen Lohmiller

As principal product manager for micro simulation mobility at PTV Group, Dr Jochen Lohmiller is responsible for PTV’s product portfolio in the context of simulation, specifically the traffic flow simulation tool PTV Vissim and the pedestrian simulation software PTV Viswalk. With his active participation in research projects, methodical development is one focus area. Dr Lohmiller has worked at PTV Group since 2014. Previously, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and later earned his doctorate in the area of traffic engineering.


Calibration of car traffic bringing RDE tracks close to reality

Virtual simulation needs to replicate real-world situations as well as possible. When performing simulations with traffic, often only the individual behavior of the surrounding traffic is of importance and general traffic patterns are neglected. That is, for example, realistic paths of vehicles that determine the weaving/merging rates but also realistic speed-flow relationships. In this presentation, we introduce how to calibrate traffic simulations using origin-destination matrices based on GPS data, video footage and other sources to achieve a realistic representation of traffic flow in your virtual tests.