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Matt Daley

Since joining rFpro Matt has helped companies to make use of simulation in a wide variety of applications, from OEM vehicle dynamics, Tier 1 sensor and system developments as well as world leading Motorsports championships. Specifically, Matt has been involved with projects on large scale multi-channel simulators down to single channel systems and helped customers to scan and build digital twins of 10 private proving grounds for 7 of the worlds largest OEMs. I look forward to sharing this experience with you and supporting your projects.


HIL simulations reach a higher dimension of realism

Xylon and rFpro teamed up to explore methods of connecting hardware ECUs to simulation software. In this presentation, we will describe how we immerse a real-world surround-view parking assistance ECU in a simulated world seen by four fully modeled virtual HD video cameras placed on the vehicle model driving along virtual roads. This ADAS ECU was selected based on its highly visual nature and required transfers of large amounts of video data. We will outline the challenges and solutions for quick and precise translations between physical and virtual domains that enable this full-speed, closed-loop HIL simulation setup.