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Carlo van Driesten

During his time at BMW, Carlo has authored the Open Simulation Interface (OSI) - an interface for the integration of environment perceiving sensor models. He has also established the “OpenX” at ASAM e.V. as the basis for all standardized interfaces and data formats for virtual test and validation of autonomous driving and created the “ENVITED Ecosystem” at the Automotive Solution Center for Simulation e.V. as the first Distributed Market Place for Simulation Data & Models for L4+ Autonomous Vehicles using novel blockchain technology as an enabler. Prior to BMW, Carlo worked in software development for Rohde and Schwarz, and graduated from TU München with an M.Sc in electrical engineering and information technology.


Enabling virtual test & validation - creating a proof of validation by empowering decentralized open data markets within the GaiaX research project

Achieving a virtually enhanced homologation process through the usage of driving simulators relies on the quality of the data. Integrating elements such as HD Maps, driver models, scenarios, or sensor models, in various systems throughout deep supply chains demand a common understanding brought by standards, like e.g., OpenDRIVE from the ASAM e.V. OpenX. But what makes a map “HD” and how can we validate the quality of such a claim, e.g. in the context of ALKS regulation UN R157? High quality data in standardized formats can also be used as a corner stone of simulation tool certification. How can we access and increase the availability of this data? BMW explores the possible creation of an open and decentralized data ecosystem (ODDE) within the European research family GaiaX, using DLT technologies for self-sovereign identities leveraging zero-knowledge proofs for selective privacy in open networks.