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Steffen Metzner

Steffen Metzner is working for the division Instrumentation and Test-Systems at AVL. He studied Electrical Engineering specialized in Automation Technologies at University of applied science in Aachen and Control Engineering at Coventry University. Steffen Metzner joined AVL in 2007 as lead engineer responsible for the embedded systems software development process. In his current position as product manager, he is leading the development and market introduction of reference systems at AVL.


Reference measurement system for development and validation of ADAS functionalities

Despite all efforts to carry out tests of vehicle automation functions using simulation technology, the major part of tests and the validation is still necessary to be executed directly in-vehicle. For an efficient development and verification of sensor and perception systems a highly accurate ground truth reference sensor device is necessary. Without such systems, troubleshooting and objective evaluation of vehicle behaviour becomes very expensive and often even not possible. The solution discussed in this presentation aims at supporting the development of vehicle automation functionalities during the entire development process from sensor selection to function validation.