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Zhisheng Hu

Zhisheng is a senior security scientist at Baidu Security. His research interests focus on simulation, testing and validation of autonomous driving systems. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science.


Generating real-world transferrable critical test scenarios

Manually deriving sufficient scenarios from road tests to validate AV safety is very difficult because some subtle changes in the driving factors (e.g. weather, surrounding vehicle behaviors) can lead to drastically different testing results. We present a smart scenario-variants generation method and will discuss transferring basic scenarios from real-world sources (e.g. Waymo public road safety reports); automatically mutating the driving factors to generate scenario variants that can make multiple Level 3+ ADS fail – the failure of an ASD is not limited to inducing at-fault collisions; demonstrations of deriving critical scenarios that make real auto-driving vehicles fail, such as Tesla FSD.