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Hans-Peter Schöner

Dr Hans-Peter Schöner is CEO of Insight from Outside Consulting. Before 2018, he was senior manager at Daimler R&D, responsible for testing and validation methods for ADAS and autonomous driving. This included reproducible testing on proving grounds with automatically driven coordinated vehicles, designing real-world and virtual proving facilities, and operation of Daimler’s Driving Simulation Center. He played a key role in defining the German research project PEGASUS. For more than 10 years, Dr Schöner was responsible safety engineer, organizing workforce safety for 1,800 people in R&D. The slogan ‘Safety is no Accident!’ underlines his emphasis on cautious, preventive behavior.


Tactical safety and its implications for autonomous vehicle testing

Situation awareness allows good human drivers to judge when to be particularly cautious, on top of following standard driving rules, deliberately undertaking additional actions such as reducing driving speed and increasing distances to other traffic participants. This behavior, denoted as tactical safety, allows the avoidance of constellations that could not be controlled safely, or that could hinder fluid traffic movement. When applying tactical safety strategies to autonomous vehicles, communication between the vehicle and other traffic participants and/or with the infrastructure is of particular importance. Finally, to enable the technical implementation of tactical safety strategies, the development of quantitative measures for the danger of specific situations is a key issue. This presentation will elaborate on tactical safety and its implications for autonomous vehicle testing. Co-Author Dr. Jacobo Antona-Makoshi, Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), SAKURA project