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Koki Taniyama

Koki joined OTSL Corporation as an engineer in 2016. He then worked on the development of a sensor simulator for automated driving, and in 2018 created the sensor simulation framework COSMOSim. He continues to develop on the topic of sensor simulation in a virtual environment using a game engine. Koki has recently been developing and researching with the goal of simulating imaging radar.


Sensor fusion simulation using 3D imaging radar and lidar

Recently, 3D imaging radar performance has been increasing, and this point cloud data will catch up with the lidar point cloud in the near future. OTSL has developed the new MIMO Radar Simulator (COSMOSIM-AMMWR2) for supporting 3D imaging and point cloud, and has implemented various Tier-1 dedicated radar models for more accurate simulation. The presentation will showcase show genuine MIMO radar simulation in real time.