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Abhash Das

Abhash is an experienced leader with over 18 years of experience covering a variety of areas within the automotive and semiconductor industries. He is highly specialized in IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 21448 functional safety engineering for various automotive safety-critical systems in areas of autonomous driving, hybrid powertrain, ADAS, active and passive safety systems, etc. Abhash has authored several patents and trade secrets. He has presented papers and been a session moderator in different technical forums e.g. SAE, VDA, weConnect, IQPC and Intrepid Delta.


Steps for safe road release of ADAS/AV functions

A growing number of technology companies release autonomous driving functions on an ad-hoc basis. This brings confusion to end users. Lack of established standards for these mostly prototype software functions brings additional risk to society. New manufacturers of such safety-critical functions perform road releases with a lack of transparency and oversight. Some of the established OEMs and Tier 1s have ways to roll out such functions as prototype releases thanks to their years of experience, which the new players in the automotive field do not have. This presentation will discuss the real challenges that manufacturers face and steps to ensure safe road release.