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Semih Bilgen

Currently the senior representative of the end recipient (SRER) in the OPINA project, Prof. Bilgen is the dean of engineering and natural sciences at Istanbul Okan University and a senior member of the executive board of the Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Research and Application Center (TTIS), in which the OPINA project is being realized. An EEE graduate (1973) of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Prof. Bilgen gained his MSc (1976) in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, USA, and his PhD (1982) in electrical engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada.


An open innovation platform for autonomous vehicles software

The Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Testing Platform (OPINA) (www.opinaproject.com) is an EU-funded project that aims to establish a research, development and commercialization ecosystem for autonomous vehicles. Developers of all sizes, including researchers, startups, SMEs and OEMs will be able to integrate and test their software with other components to be provided on the platform, with strict protection of information privacy. Simulation and testing facilities, including MIL, SIL and HIL as well as driver-in-the-loop (DIL) systems will be available, together with on-vehicle deployment facilities for developed software, incorporating state-of-the-art sensor facilities.