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Ralph Grewe

Dr. Ralph Grewe started his career at Continental in 2011 with a PhD position in the field of environment modeling at the Advanced Engineering of Systems & Technology in the Chassis & Safety Division. Where he took over the position as group leader for perception and environment model in 2016. In 2018 he became the Domain Owner for the CEM and Localization Domains in the Program Autonomous Driving. Since January 2021, he is the Product Manager of Perception at the Innovation Line Driverless of the Systems & Software Business at Autonomous Mobility.


A localization stack for L4 autonomous driving

In a L4 vehicle, many modules along the AD stack need a precise estimate of the vehicles position or state. Most of the modules need a smooth estimate of relative motion and state but some also require a precise position in a globally fixed coordinate system. To address those requirements, we present a localization stack split into specific fusion systems for relative and absolute localization. Additional to wheel speeds, IMU and GNSS we also use data from radar sensors to improve localization. We show results from real world test drives for both parts of the localization stack across different platforms.