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Jianbo Tao

Dr. Tao Jianbo [M] is Senior Lead Engineer for ADAS/AD XiL Simulation at AVL List GmbH in Department ADAS/AD Simulation and V&V. He completed his Ph.D at Graz University of Technology and Master’s degree at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He joined AVL in year 2013 and currently responsible for the ADAS/AD XiL Simulation; Simulation Environments, Co-Simulation; Cloud Simulation Pipeline and Dashboard /KPI.


Virtual assessment framework and ontology-based test case generation methods

A comprehensive and reliable testing process for automated and autonomous driving functions must follow a reasonable path from parameter selection and test scenario generation to test execution and final assessment of the achieved test coverage. In the presentation we will provide an overview of our ontology-based testing approach that is based on five main pillars: the scenario sources, the ontology model setup, the automated test scenario generation and planning, the test execution and evaluation framework and the test management system. The test management system ensures continuous monitoring of the testing.