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Efficient virtual testing
Ansys/aSR Simulated Reality

A new Ansys AVxcelerate sensor connector and a corresponding universal interface from aSR ensure AV developers can test and validate their virtual prototypes with the highest level of safety and quality.

Virtual testing of ADAS/AD functions requires massive changes in conventional development methods and sensor simulation is becoming an elementary component of valid virtual testing capabilities. Individual departmental components must be coordinated with each other as vehicle dynamics significantly influence the perspective of the sensors through chassis movements. Introducing simulation early in the design cycle not only simplifies the system integration but also avoids numerous hardware changes in the prototype stage.

There are currently only a limited number of bidirectional couplings between simulation tools in firmly defined version pairs. The problem is further intensified with the involvement of external developers or suppliers. The solution for this issue is based on universal interfaces, which can be implemented into various tools for simple bidirectional couplings or even be used in middleware for co-simulation of mature virtual prototypes.

Ansys AVxcelerate sensors offer real-time physics-based simulation that ensures the effective investigation of different sensor types such as radar, lidar and visible/thermal cameras. This simulation also takes into account disturbance factors such as signal noise, weather conditions and light influences or interfering signals, while offering simple adaptation to user-specific test tracks and vehicles, as well as real-time capability to perform HIL tests.

Meanwhile, aSR’s simulation framework provides a modular kit of interfaces and a middleware-based co-simulation for fully virtual prototypes, alongside an interface library for rapid implementation in the currently used tool, to ensure easy collaboration of different vehicle domains and re-utilization of existing models, as well as maximum flexibility to extend or substitute simulation models and tools.

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