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Virtual test driving for everyone
IPG Automotive

IPG will present CarMaker 12, which features enhanced new functions in scenario generation to make virtual test driving even more realistic. Using its import and export function, road networks can be divided into individual segments and exported separately. Using the software has never been easier, thanks to increased compatibility with the OpenSCENARIO standard and a configurable, central ground truth sensor that offers a multitude of data access options. In addition, a new battery model and a reviewed modular powertrain architecture enable the use of CarMaker 12 for applications with hybrid and electrified powertrains.

Meanwhile, IPG’s Virto virtual vehicle development tool suite opens up virtual test driving to everyone and simplifies vehicle development. Virto is made up of applications that connect seamlessly to third-party tools and software, and can be integrated flexibly into existing vehicle development processes. The overarching data and workflow management tool enables efficient cross-domain development and testing and allows non-simulation experts with no programming skills to perform virtual tests.

IPG Automotive will also present the dedicated computing unit SensCompute and the hardware platform SensInject. Both systems optimize and speed up the processing of sensor data in the vehicle development process.

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