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Software-defined vehicles: validation by simulation

Software-defined vehicles (SDV) are transforming the automotive industry, offering more flexibility, efficiency and adaptability than ever. The electric architecture of an SDV is fundamentally different from that of a conventional vehicle. SDVs consist of at least one high-performance computer (HPC) and multiple zonal controllers. A vehicle operating system (middleware) separates their application layer from the hardware layer.

For decades, dSpace has been a leading company in the field of simulation and validation, providing the right tools for all new technological achievements. Now, vehicle manufacturers can rely on dSpace expertise in the development of SDVs.

For example, with VEOS the company provides a PC-based software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulation platform with which heterogeneous systems under test (SUT), models and tools can be integrated into one simulation. With high-performance computing (HPC) combined with the strong capabilities of VEOS to simulate zonal and edge controllers, complex systems including all types of controllers of current and future E/E architectures can be simulated in the cloud.

Find out more at the company's booth at the expo.

Booth 6526

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