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270,000+ scenarios for ADS testing, validation and certification
WMG, University of Warwick and Deepen AI

The Safety Pool Scenario Database contains more than 270,000 scenarios for automated driving system (ADS) testing, validation and certification. Powered by WMG, University of Warwick and Deepen AI, Safety Pool envisions that the safety of every ADS can be transparently tested, validated and certified through common processes and infrastructures shared across industry, researchers, academia and policymakers internationally. Serving the needs of multiple user ‘personas’, Safety Pool provides an independent database of scenarios, driven by the philosophy that the safety of automated driving should be pre-competitive.

With more than 150 organizations signed up, Safety Pool will be used by regulators in the UK for type approval of ADS. It also leads the research and fosters the development of common description languages, standards and media that enable a meaningful exchange of technical information and artifacts across stakeholders worldwide.

At this year’s expo, the team will showcase Safety Pool’s latest features, including ODD definition-based searching, creating scenarios and scenario tagging for easy searching. Some advanced functions will also be demonstrated, such as accessing scenarios using API.

Safety Pool Studio – the new Safety Pool asset – will also be launched at the expo. It will give power to users to create scenarios in a simple yet extremely intuitive manner. All the scenarios created can be exported to SDL, OpenScenario, OpenDrive and Flex1889. By launching this platform, the developers hope to close the skill gap for capturing complicated road scenes.

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