Some of the New Products on Show

Up to 200Gbps of reliable data capture

Klas, an edge technology company with 30 years’ experience in delivering rugged hardware and software solutions, addresses the automotive challenge of capturing vast amounts of data. Klas datalogging solutions deliver up to 200Gbps (25GBs) of reliable data capture that is pre-processed, filtered and stored for optimal use in the validation of ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) capabilities.

With vision systems playing a critical role in safer traveling experiences, there is a growing focus on the accuracy of the technology. The onus is now on the OEMs and partners to validate their vision systems as part of a wider development environment, which includes the cloud.

Klas’s datalogging solutions allow automotive developers to capture hundreds of terabytes of sensor data that are easily transferred to the cloud. Furthermore, the company delivers the flexibility to evolve to the next generation of vehicle and vision system network architectures and protocols, without the need for major redevelopment of existing toolchains.

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo Europe, Klas will showcase its latest generation of datalogging solutions, including in-vehicle storage to extend the life of existing toolchains, alongside garage data offload stations for faster transfer to the cloud.

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