Some of the New Products on Show

Simulation platform for autonomous vehicles

Claytex will be demonstrating its AVSandbox at the expo.

AVSandbox enables the creation of a precise digital twin of an operating environment, with deterministic, high-fidelity modeling based on dynamic vehicle parameters, physics-based sensors and multiple lighting and weather conditions, safely accelerating the AV development process. It also offers extensive reporting and data tracking to ensure full regulatory compliance in all applications.

The simulation platform creates a hyper-realistic simulation environment within which to test, develop and refine the performance characteristics, functionality and safety attributes of autonomous vehicles. Regardless of the application, it enables users to create unique scenarios, with high-resolution true-to-life graphics and precise rendering of the actual operating environment, mapped with sub-mm accuracy.

AVSandbox is designed for automotive OEMs and end-user organizations that need to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles or advanced driver assistance systems. It is suitable for all transportation applications, ranging from passenger vehicles, robotaxis and last-mile commercial vehicles to airside and portside baggage and cargo handling systems.

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