Some of the New Products on Show

Datalogging and AI processing

To verify ADAS functionalities during test drives, a powerful and rugged hardware solution is required. InoNet will present its high-performance platform for datalogging and AI processing, ideal for the development and testing phase. Its Car HPC Mayflower-B17-LiQuid brings server performance into the vehicle as a result of its powerful Dual Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC CPUs and five Nvidia graphic tensor cards. The system not only ensures constant data acquisition but also provides high computational power for AI applications and can withstand extremely high temperatures of up to +70°C thanks to its liquid cooling of CPU and GPU, which can be integrated into the vehicle cooling circuit.

For the first time in Stuttgart, the car server will be presented with an additional storage unit. Up to three hot-plug capable QuickTrays offer storage capacity of 360TB and up to 28GB/s / 224Gb/s continuous write speed, as well as easy plug-and-play handling when transferring data between the vehicle and evaluation station. The platform can be installed with an InoFix mount and enables users to master the masses of emerging data, thereby improving the duration, cost and accuracy of test drive results.

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