Some of the New Products on Show

Hyperspectral synthetic data platform

This June, Anyverse will showcase its recently launched hyperspectral synthetic data platform for in-cabin monitoring, autonomous driving and ADAS development (among other advanced perception systems) that accelerates the development of autonomous systems and state-of-the-art sensors. Anyverse is capable of supplying and covering all the data needs throughout the entire development cycle, from the initial stages of design or prototyping, through training/testing and ending with the fine-tuning of the system to
maximize its capabilities and performance.

Anyverse brings you different modules for scene generation, rendering and sensor
simulation, whether you are designing an in-cabin or AV/ADAS perception system;
training, validating and testing your system AI; or enhancing and fine-tuning your
perception system. Anyverse is the right solution for you.

In regard to interior sensing development, the data you generate with
Anyverse helps you build an effective in-cabin monitoring system capable of sensing a
wide variety of drivers and ready to operate under any circumstance; identifying driver and
occupants’ state and behaviors; detecting driver distraction, fatigue and unresponsiveness;
and much more. Combined with its hyperspectral sensor simulation pipeline featuring RGB
HD, near infrared (NIR) cameras and lidar, Anyverse claims to be the most accurate
synthetic data platform to develop robust in-cabin and autonomous driving systems.

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