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Data anonymization

The topic of data privacy has gained significant attention, particularly in Europe. Major European corporations have been hit with hefty fines for failing to adhere to the GDPR privacy regulation. The growing concern for data privacy has caused many to take action and data anonymization solutions have emerged as the apparent answer to the issue.

Infiniq’s cutting-edge data anonymization solution automatically detects and anonymizes all identifiable faces and license plates in 4K videos or images with a very fast speed. It guarantees an accuracy of over 99%, having trained on more than 1 million images collected from over 200 different environments in Europe and overseas. With versatile SaaS, on-premises or embedded integration options, it is a highly adaptable solution and has a competitive edge in the market courtesy of its high accuracy, fast processing speed, low computation and continuous AI model updates.

Infiniq’s anonymization solution is Good Software-certified (GS). GS is a national certification system in Korea that proves the quality of software by conducting tests on the functional suitability, performance efficiency, usability, reliability and security of software and is a mandatory certification for public institution sales.

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