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Digital loop demonstrator

A comprehensive suite of tools and services for the software-defined vehicle (SdV) will be on display from dSpace, including a digital loop demonstrator, which will showcase continuous improvement of software functions, an end-to-end approach for digital homologation and a qualified V&V pipeline for SdV, enabling the approval of Level 3/4 systems.

With extensive expertise in cross-domain testing, dSpace ensures that all aspects of the SdV, including infotainment and connectivity, are thoroughly tested and meet industry standards. In addition to testing, dSpace also provides solutions for the digital loop process and over-the-air software updates. By separating hardware and software, dSpace enables customers to handle mixed criticality and safety requirements on a single ECU. This ensures that the SdV is safe and reliable while also meeting performance requirements.

The company also has expertise in cloud-native development options, including public and private clouds, on-premises solutions and edge computing. With a service-oriented compute architecture, dSpace enables a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) DevOps approach in the cloud, enabling companies to develop, validate and deploy software updates quickly and efficiently.

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