Some of the New Products on Show

ADAS and AD engineering services

At this year’s expo, AVL will present its engineering services tailored to validate ADAS and AD functions in next-generation vehicles, including virtual testing solutions for EMC, radar and steering. With its scenario-based testing approach, AVL is paving the way to virtual homologation in projects beyond L2 and L3. Complemented by road testing solutions, AVL provides deep insights into the toolchain essential for development and certification.

From ensuring safety and regulatory compliance to enhancing sensor technology and infrastructure development, the journey toward ADAS and AD is full of obstacles. With this in mind, AVL offers robust solutions and test facilities for safety testing and NCAP certification. AVL ZalaZone in Hungary is the proving ground for Euro NCAP testing and provides an up-to-date test catalog with all specified NCAP ADAS scenarios. Visitors to the company’s booth can discuss AVL’s variety of testing possibilities face to face.

Booth 6510

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