Some of the New Products on Show

Next-generation data recording

At this year’s show, Klas will showcase its latest generation of data recording solutions, which include in-vehicle storage to extend the life of existing V&V toolchains, alongside the in-garage data offload station for faster access to data.

As vision systems increasingly play a critical role in safer traveling experiences, the onus on OEMs is to have the capacity to store the mass volumes of data generated by vision systems. However, the challenge is that vision systems, vehicle networks and sensors continue to evolve, delivering exponentially more data at faster speeds.

Klas delivers rugged hardware and software solutions to address these challenges through its next generation of data recording solutions that extend the storage life and value of existing in-vehicle V&V toolchains with the ability to capture hundreds of terabytes of sensor data. These solutions offer the flexibility to evolve to the next generation of vehicle network architectures and protocols without the need for major re-architecture of the V&V toolchain.

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