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10BASE-T1S network integration
Intrepid Control Systems

The adoption of 10BASE-T1S (IEEE Std 802.3cg) in the automotive industry has posed a challenge for many engineers who need to integrate this new standard into their systems. The lack of readily available tools and resources to interact with 10BASE-T1S networks has made it difficult for engineers to test, monitor and debug their designs.

However, Intrepid Control Systems has the perfect solution to this problem with its RAD-Meteor tool. With this USB network adapter, you can easily monitor 10BASE-T1S traffic as if it were a standard ethernet port, as well as support the test modes and wave forms required to test the 10BASE-T1S network.

The RAD-Meteor also features a built-in, full-color display for monitoring network activity and displaying 10BASE-T1S status registers, and its Microchip 10BASE-T1S PHY ensures optimal performance. Plus, the device configuration and status register reporting over USB using ethernet frames make it a breeze to use.

With Vehicle Spy support, RAD-Meteor offers even more functionality for analyzing ethernet networks than Wireshark. Transmit ethernet frames, script, simulate ECUs and gateways and decode protocols with OEM databases all in one place.

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